Wir sind ein Celebrity/Hollywood RPG, das am 02.10.16 eröffnet wurde. Bei uns kannst du dich anmelden, wenn du 18 Jahre oder älter bist. Es sind ausschließlich reale Stars spielbar. Solltest du dir nicht sicher sein, frage am besten in unserem Question & Answer Thread nach. Unsere Hauptspielorte sind: Los Angeles, duh?! New York und London, aber auch der Rest der Welt ist bespielbar. Was uns unique macht? Wir setzen uns von anderen Hollywoodboards ab, da es bei uns keine nervigen Zeitsprünge gibt, sondern unsere Inplayzeit mit der realen Zeit Hand in Hand geht. Ihr könnt also selber eure Spr ünge planen und so auch die realen Ereignisse im Leben eurer Stars besser einbeziehen. Außerdem haben wir eine aktiv twitternde Rumors Voice die nichts mehr liebt als dunkle oder peinliche Geheimnisse aufzudecken.
LOUIS TOMLINSON, Demetria Lovato & Zayn Malik
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WE'RE PROUD TO PRESENT YOU OUR #YOUCANDOANYTHING PLOT! wow. ein neuer club in hollywood. aber nicht nur einer zum tanzen, sondern etwas ganz besonderes.

hier kannst du alles tun. dies ist ein exklusiver club, in dem nur die high society eintritt bekommt. denn auch die, soll sich mal ordentlich gehen lassen d ürfen. deshalb werden handys auch am empfang ausgeschaltet und abgegeben. es ist DIE möglichkeit, um von dem ganzen trubel wegzukommen und einfach mal eine nacht zu leben. wie das abläuft? Alle wichtigen Informationen wie: Wie? Wo? Was? Findest du [hier] Wir w ünschen ganz viel Spaß!
Die Deadline zum Anmelden ist: 01. 12.2018

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Wie dieser junge Mann heißt? Sein Rufname istTyler Posey, denn nach seinem Zweitnamen Garcia nennt ihn kaum noch jemand. Auch wenn das Alter vielleicht nur eine harmlose Zahl ist, will kaum jemand glauben, dass er schon 29 Jahre alt ist. Geboren wurde er am 18.Oktober 1991. Tyler ist ein waschechter Amerikaner und erblickte das Licht der Welt in Santa Monica ( Kalifornien). Mittlerweile hat er aber in Los Angeles ein zu Hause gefunden. Hin und wieder hatte er mal kleinere Rollen bis der Schauspieler schließlich durch die Serie Teen Wolf mehr und mehr bekannter wurde. Dort spielte er sechs Jahre lang die Rolle des Scott McCall. Eigentlich war Bella Thorne die Liebe seines Lebens, aber als er den nächsten step machen wollte, traf sie sich mit anderen Männern. Seitdem gab es keine ernsthafte Beziehung mehr und Tyler ist Single.

But with nothin' to consider, they forget my name. Name. Name. They call me Elena, they call me Kathrine, they call me Doppelganger, they call me Natalie, they call me Becky, they call me Marlo, okay enough for now, but that's not my name. No, my name is Nikolina Kamenowa Dobrewa, but I go by my Hollywood stage name Nina Dobrev most of the time. Of course, the only ones who actually use my formal name are my family. I find it kind of nice. I do love Nikolina. It shows my family's heritage which I'm really proud of. Some really close friends also use or used to call me by that name cause they know how proud I am of it. And probably because you can make more nicknames out of it than Nina, duh? I was born on the 9th day of the new year in 1989. you could say, just like a late fortune cookie for my parents. That's now 33 years ago. Wow, time f-ing flies. Normally I don't really like birthday parties but this year was my favorite number, so I really wanted to celebrate it. Especially after those last two years, we don't wanna talk about. Although I just lived the first one and a half years of my life there, Sofia is the most beautiful city in the whole world. Like I was born there, and probably because of how proud my family is of their heritage, I feel at home there. Not that I didn't like Toronto. 'Cause I did. And do to this day! But it's different. In the US, it's a whole different thing. I like that Los Angeles is always sunny, and most of the time, it is warm, but somehow it never really clicked with me. To Me, it's like I work there, and I live there while I do that, but that's it. Once I felt like it grew to me but yeah, well, different story. I don't think that I need to explain my occupation. Like when we started this, I already kinda gave it away. I'm an actress best known for being Elena Gilbert and Kathrine Pierce, and all those other Doppelgangers in the CW series The Vampire Diaries. Or, in other words, I'm that not as much annoying vampire girl. I also had a few other movies and series, but for quite some time, I chose to distance myself from that industry. Taking a break to see what I want to be, the purpose of my life. And that is one of the reasons I had to get a little distance. This celebrity lifestyle is really not that great. It's like you own everybody's answers you maybe don't wanna share. After things ended with Ian, I didn't even have had the time I needed to process things. Immediately I had to answer all those questions. And even after months or still, to this day, people still ask. The only thing that changed were the topics. Now I get asked about if 'I'm happy for my Ex to be happy, married, and being a father.'. Like why do you ask me? What is my role in his life? Or my opinion? They don't even care if maybe all this hurt me. OR if I even want to know? I'm currently dating someone, and that's the only thing that should matter.

Well, my daughter recently informed me that I'm no longer SMG. That hashtag doesn't belong to me anymore. So I let me show her that now when you type those three letters, which are my initials, you get only results from Selena Gomez. Alright, so am I officially old now or what?! Well, most people till today connect more Buffy Summers to me than SMG, so I guess I'll be alright, hu? Plus, my smart cookie offered me generously the SMP, aka Sarah Michelle Prinze, would still be available since I changed my name legally to my husband's surname. At the end of the day, I'll still be Sarah Michelle Gellar but just not in the hashtag world. I guess I should take that offer, right? So since we already made clear I'm not a youngster anymore, we don't need to try to chicken out with this, right? I'll turn forty-five on April 14th, and I'm totally fine with that. I may be another year older on paper, but I still feel like my twenty-five-year self. I believe that you feel and look like how old you let yourself feel. My children keep me young inside out. Do I have more wrinkles? Maybe. But that's ok with me. I'm a true born and raised New York City Girl. Always have and will be. Sure I moved to Los Angeles when I pursued my acting career. Back then, Hollywood was the epicenter of movie and tv-series productions. If you wanted to make it, you had to be there. Nowadays you can be an actor and live in Manhattan cause they have many productions filmed there and worldwide. For quite a while, it didn't really feel like home there. I missed the n.y.c metro smell, the late-night-pizza-at-some-tourist-hot-spot-corner-bistro-with-friends and stuff like that. Then I met my husband, and things changed. Now we live in a gated community in Brentwood's Mandeville Canyon neighborhood and have our own little family planet I would never trade for anything. But of course, we still have our place in Manhattan and my mother's place for when I feel homesick. If you were born or are into the 90 movies and series, you probably remember me as one of the scream queens at that time. My biggest flex would definitely be that I was kind of the first female blonde superhero who kicked vampires and demons' asses. All those who followed took notes from us. I'll always be linked to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that really makes me proud. To this day, I love the character and all she stands for. Besides that television production, I was quite frequently in horror genres which I personally love. One especially cause I met my husband there, but we'll get to THAT story later. In those times, I also got a lot of modeling jobs, like being the face of Jade Cosmetics. And now? I do some acting every now and then, but mostly I'm a mother, a wife, and I own my own business, Foodstirs. Now the storytime you all have been waiting for. Like I already mentioned, I met my now-husband back at the 'I know what you did last summer' movie set in 1997. We didn't liked each other the minute we met and clicked, how people maybe think we would cause it would be more romantic. No no. Actually, we had completely different views of life, which we found out the time he had to drive me cause I didn't have a driver's license. I'm sure it annoyed him secretly. But that made us become friends. But that also wasn't the start of our relationship because he was in a relationship back then. So we remained friends. We ended filming and went our separate ways. One day we had a dinner date with friends, but they all canceled, so it was just us. That evening kinda was the beginning of our romance people love or envy so much. We're even labeled as one of the industry's confirmed golden couples. We've been together for nearly two decades. We got engaged in 2001 and married in 2002, and in 2020, we're still going strong with two kids and our careers. That's why I never thought anything or anyone could change that.
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